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The Blue Window
Birds - (of the air) (above fish and water)
                        Old Testament – Creation Story
                        New Testament – Jesus’ reference to birds and God’s care
Universe – (balance sun in other window)
                        Old Testament – Creation – Stars in Heaven - Abraham, etc.
                        New Testament – Jesus – “signs and wonders in the heavens”
                        Symbols may also suggest man’s exploration of space and glories of God’s creation
Fish – (waters) (under birds and sky)
                        Old Testament – Creation (all living things) wonders in the deep
                        New Testament – Jesus / fishermen / draught of fishes
                        Multiplication of fish – common food. Oldest Christian symbol is fish.
                        Peter, etc., Emmaus room with disciples (many uses)
Grapes – (balance wheat in other window)
                        Old Testament – Isaiah 5:1-6 – Relationship of God and Israel
                        New Testament – Vine and branches, parable of vine dresser, John 15:1-11
                        Grapes / Wine / Communion (blood of Christ) Grapes called the “miracle plant”
                        Ancient Israel concerned with dwindling water supply – grapes come out near end
                        of summer after five months of no rain to provide moisture.
                        Farmers must take very good care of vines in order to produce good fruit.

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