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Cascade Church History
(Information taken from historical records)

In the year 1872 a loan was secured from the Church Erection Society for $200.00 to build a church at Cascade, Wisconsin. A plot of land was purchased from J. R. Baer and wife for $1.00. The deed was signed in April 1872. Two years after erection, in 1874, the dedication was held. There were 44 people in attendance and the offering amounted to $19.11. The mortgage was paid in 1891 or nineteen years later. The bell was purchased nine years after the church was erected or in the year 1881. It has rung thousands of times to call people to worship God.

In the early church the men would sit on one side of the center aisle and the women on the other. Kerosene lamps were used for evening services. There was always a Sunday night service and mid-week prayer meeting. About once a year an evangelist would come and hold a series of revival meetings which would be held nightly for one or two weeks.

About the year 1925 a windstorm blew the steeple from the church. It was never replaced.

The pastor of Cascade United Brethren Church began serving the Plymouth Evangelical Church in 1942 with a worship service in both churches on Sunday morning. Reverend F. E. Warren was the pastor at that time.

On June 1, 1963, the Cascade church began union services with the church at Eden near Fond du Lac with Reverend Richard Bonney serving both churches on a Sunday morning. This continued for three years when in June 1966, through the great shortage of ministers in both E.U.B. and Methodist conferences, the Eden and St. Matthew of Fond du Lac churches were united in one circuit and the Cascade, Waldo and Hingham congregations became a Yoked Fellowship with Reverend Bonney to continue with Cascade.

In 1955 an extensive remodeling project was accomplished while Reverend Henry Clark was pastor.

In 1962 the Mulleton Church near Plymouth was discontinued because of the widening of Highway 57 and the inability to purchase land to the west. The Cascade E.U.B. church purchased the building and moved it to Cascade, building it into the west side of the already existing structure for additional Sunday School room and an overflow room for the sanctuary.

A nine-room parsonage was built in 1915 several blocks east of the church with a garage added in 1929.

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