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The Church Pew
(written by Kasey Klein)

    In 1980 , a sale was held at the Waldo Church to dispose of furniture and items not needed to furnish the new Trinity United Methodist Church. Don and Nola Richards purchased an old pew. It was then used as an entryway bench at the Richards' hobby farm. In 1993, when the farm was sold, the bench was given to their daughter and son-in-law, Kasey and Troy Klein. At that time, it was put in storage, as they didn't have room in their home for it. In the summer of 2004 it was taken out of storage.

    The first idea we had for the pew was to put several layers of polyurethane on it and put it in the carport outside the church as a bench. When a beautiful wood grain was discovered under the old finish, it was decided that this bench needed refinishing and an inside home. Kasey asked Ralph Klein (no relation), if he and his boys, who are known for their wonderful 4-H woodworking projects, were interested in the job.

    The bench was dropped off at their home in November 2004 to begin the project of stripping layers of old varnish and sanding the wood prior to refinishing it with a protective sealant.

    Ralph, Adam and Brad spent approximately 30 hours just stripping the bench to the bare wood, revealing a beautiful oak grain. Then, after 10 hours of sanding and five hours of staining, varnishing and sealing, it was finally completed and delivered to the church fellowship hall on January 3rd.

    A special installation for the bench was held Sunday, March 20, 2005 (Palm Sunday) as part of the Twenty Five Year Celebration.

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