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NE Circuit 12

January 25, 2016

January Meeting Minutes 

Members Present – Larry Huiras, Joe Hilke, Patty Leverenz, Carol Nicla, Phyllis Callison, Steve Blake and Pastor Nhia Wahn-Her. 

·        Joe opened with raising prayers. Phyllis led with devotion.

·        November minutes were viewed. Larry moved to approve. Carol seconded.

·        Treasurers Report – The current balance for the General Fund is $4002.35 (Including $1400 memorial gift for Desk project). The Ministry Scholarship Fund balance is $2888.85. Steve moved to approve. Pastor Nhia Wahn-Her seconded.

·        There were no Advent Devotionals submitted.

·        Hot Chocolate distribution at Christmas parades was well received again. A comment was made to use UM sponsored brand, (more costly).

·        Steve reported the Salvation Army indicated that $641.17 was collected while our Circuit rang bells at the Piggly Wiggly south store. There were good comments.

·        Carol commented that LOVE Inc has been very active with people applying for assistance.

·        Pastor Nhia Wahn-Her reported that the clergy met. He also attended a NE District meeting that a strategy team discussed ethnic ministry for the Spanish and Hmong. Sheboygan is a hot spot to start up a new church for ethnic groups.

·        Joe presented information for Advanced Course for Lay Servant Ministries. There are three dates to select from at Plainfield UMC. Discussion followed on how to get training more local. We should encourage our church lay speakers about training.

·        Larry contacted Don Greer from the Conference for Circuit 2.0 training. He is available for our February meeting date. We will designate our meeting to training. We will start our meeting at 6:30 pm with sandwiches served. Steve will ask Faith UMC youth if they are interested to serve food. We should invite other Laity to come for good attendance. Larry will communicate with Don Greer. Don later said he will bring material for 2 hour presentation.

·        Larry reported that he will apply for Brat Fry’s at Tri Par gas station for June 25 and July 16th. Joe asked if we would consider a 3rd Brat Fry at Plymouth Piggly Wiggly. Much easier to manage. Some were not in favor.  Joe and Larry will talk to Joe Schneider for more information.

·        Joe stated we should encourage more Youth involvement for 2016 events.

·        The School Desk project has started. 5 desks are completed to date. Patty asked if we could get pictures from their final destination. Contact Rick and Nancy Biegler to help with building desks.

·        Joe mentioned we should consider an advertisement “Seeking a Relationship with God”.

Next meeting is on Monday, February 22 @ Faith UMC, @ 6:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Larry Huiras

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