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Hingham United Methodist Church
(Information taken from historical records)

The oldest written records of the Hingham Circuit that could be found were dated August 20, 1849 although there are some indications that some services were held prior to this in homes or schools.

The first recorded meeting was held on January 20, 1850. The next recorded is July 4, 1852 with 12 members. In 1864-1865 there still was only 12 members and 2 of those were of the pastorís family. This was the darkest day of Methodism in Hingham.

In 1866 Brother Reynolds was pastor in charge and moved to Hingham with his young wife. After getting settled, Brother Reynolds said they were ready for extra meetings. Without a church building, meetings were held in the Hingham school house but this building was already used 4 nights a week, so the Pastorís wife covered her rag carpet with a sail of a vessel and invited the people into the parsonage to hold a protracted meeting. From two to eight were the most that could be induced to come at any one time for four weeks, but at the end of that time God turned the scale for victory and 25 souls surrendered to Christ.

That year a church was built on the corner where a Methodist Church has been until 1980 when it became an apartment house. The first church building was started with donations from the sisters of the church who gave $100.00 and $150.00 respectively.

In 1880 the circuit purchased a parsonage at the time the circuit was Hingham, Mulleton, Cascade and Onion River.

Many repairs and improvements were made over the years on the church property.

In 1958 the conference talked about closing the church and joining with Waldo. They called a special meeting with the District Superintendent. Every member was notified and all who were able to be voted and again the majority ruled to hold the little church in Hingham.

The ladies held their first Mother & Daughter Banquet in 1954 and it was such a success that it became an annual event. In addition to helping the young adults with some of their projects, the W.S.C.S. and the church women had special programs including missionary speakers, films, prayer vigils, fall bazaars, bake sales, Mother & Daughter banquets and Father & Sons Banquets and remained a vital part of the church.

In later years the choir was a vital part of the church as was the Methodist Youth Fellowship, founded at the time by Rev. Kassilke.

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