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June/July 2018

Dear Church,

Do you ever get homesick?  I do, not at the usual times, but at this time of year.  For about 40 years of my life, I always went ďhomeĒ to my dadís lake place for Memorial Day weekend.  It wasnít fancy, for years it was just an old trailer that didnít even have running water.  But we all went, us kids, the grandkids and their assorted friends, and the dear friends that we considered family.  Weíd camp, when we were young, in tents, and as we got more affluent, then we got campers, not fancy rvís, but they kept us from sleeping on the ground.  The kids would fish and play, we would eat, sit by the campfire, tease and laugh with each other, catch up on each otherís lives.  But time passes, the old lake lot now has a beautiful house that we donít own, with running water and heat.  Dad, and many others, like preacher Dan, have gone on to Glory.  We miss them and those times.  Yes, it makes me homesick. 


However, now I have a beautiful church home.  A place where I can go and feel loved.  Where family doesnít always have the same last name.  A place where kids play, we eat (often!), a place where we laugh often, we catch up on each otherís lives, and last week we even had a campfire.  And then I look at the world, at how many are troubled, have nowhere to call home and family and sometimes resort to violence, because they donít feel loved.  Imagine for a minute not having this beautiful church family.  It kinda makes you heartsick, doesnít it?  Yet there are thousands of people out there in our world that donít have that kind of home and family.  I bet they get homesick too, and they may not even know what they are homesick for.  We can help them find their home, if we choose to. 


In His Service,



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