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The Mulleton Church
(Information taken from historical records)

The first Methodist services held in Sheboygan County were held in 1849 in Cascade and Winooski in the schoolhouses. About the time the church at Cascade declined, one was built at Hingham and Hingham and Winooski became a circuit, also at this time services were being held at Onion River in the school house.

At this time, Alonzo Beals known as Captain Beals, having been Captain on freight boats on the Great Lakes, wanted services nearer home, so he hewed the timber and assisted building the school house on the Alfred Mellen farm which was used as their meeting place.

In 1866 this building did not meet the needs of the congregation any longer and a new site and building was sought and built on Bunces Corners on the Town line between Plymouth and Lyndon, the estimated value of the church was $1,200.00 which was paid for except $59.00 of unpaid subscriptions. On October 16, 1883 a wedding took place in the church, the only one until 1942.

In the fall of 1892, a Christian Endeavor was organized. Miss Ada Chandler was their leader assisted by several young people from Sheboygan Congregational Church.

In 1917 the Ladies Aid was organized with a membership of 24. They raised $1,000 toward the building fund to help with puting a basement under the church. The basement, including a kitchen and the front vestibule was started in the spring of 1925, the corner stone was laid on April 26 and the finished project was rededicated on August 9, 1925. The corner stone contained the information of all the pastors beginning with circuit rider Reverend David Lewis in 1849. The cost of that project was about $2375.00 which again was nearly paid for all except $80.00.

On February 8, 1938 thirteen men met at the church and founded a brotherhood and was a going organization for many years.

In 1950, as Reverend Kassilke was leaving as pastor, we were given the option of closing the church or going with Sheboygan Falls.

In 1953, a discussion between a bell or a lighted cross took place. The cross won out and in April, 1954 it was installed and with the church standing on a hill, the cross could be seen for many miles every evening. In 1955, we redecorated and put in new linoleum and stained glass windows were installed.

We celebrated our 90th Anniversary in 1956 and not once in all those years were the doors closed.

In 1961 we merged with Waldo Methodist Church and on June 7, 1962 we held a special homecoming service and held our last service in the Mulleton Church. Later that year the Cascade United Brethren Church bought the building and it was moved to become a part of their structure.

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