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The New Testament Window

    The window depicts the life and ministry of Jesus and the power of his Gospel. The Holy Family is pictured under the protection of God's sheltering wing. Symbols include the Christmas rose and the star. The lamb depicts both humility and sacrifice.

    Jesus' ministry centered around the Sea of Galilee, pictured with its surrounding hills and its birds of the air. Here Jesus called his disciples; among them fisherman, and preached from a boat on the lake.

    Other symbols of his ministry are the dove of his baptism, the water pots of Cana, the loaves and the fishes, the trimmed lamps. The palm branches, the gathered disciples, the basin and towel, the bread and wine, the crown of thorns, the nails, and the cross tell the story of his last week on earth.

    In the central panel are symbols of the resurrection - the sunrise, the butterfly, and the lilies. The Easter event leads to the coming of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the dove and flames, the spirit gives power to the Gospel that can break the chains which bind us and make peace, love, and growth possible.

    The lion and the lamb remind us God's sovereign power over all living creatures as witnessed in the book of Revelation.

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