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Waldo United Methodist Church
(Formerly Onion River Church)
(Information from historical files)

The Onion River Methodist Church was built in 1869-1870 and dedicated in 1871. It was built for $4,000.00 on one half acre of land purchased for $100.00. It was heated by wood stoves and lighted by kerosene lamps. Livery stables for horses were on the grounds. There were thirty members in good standing at that time. A resident pastor from Hingham served the church, traveling with horse and buggy or horse and sled.

In 1910 a cement floor was laid in the basement. Other improvements followed and membership increased. In 1961 an addition to the church was started on the west side of the church. This gave another entrance, washrooms, more Sunday School room, better kitchen facilities and more dining area for suppers. Dedication was held in 1963. In 1971 Centennial Services were held.

In 1961 the Mulleton Methodist Church closed and the congregation joined the Waldo congregation. In 1966 the first move toward a yoked fellowship was started and Hingham, Cascade and Waldo shared a pastor. 1968 was the merger of the Evangelical United Brethren Churches and the Methodist Churches. The merger formed the United Methodist Church.

Women’s meetings started in 1901, called Women’s Foreign Missionary Society, then Ladies Aid, then Woman’s Society of Christian Service and now United Methodist Women.

Epworth League, later to become Methodist Youth Fellowship started before 1900. With the merger it has been know as the United Methodist Youth Fellowship. (UMYF)

The Sunday School was started in 1870. In 1954 Bible School classes were organized for over two weeks during summer vacation.

Of all the ministers that have passed through the four churches that make up our Trinity Church, only one, the Cascade Church has had women pastors. The Rev. Ida Richards Marquardt served from 1893 to 1901. During that time the Church was incorporated. This was also at a time when men and women sat on opposite sides of the aisle. From 1916 to 1920 Rev. M. Lulu Hindes served the Cascade Church.

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