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Our Two Sacraments

United Methodists believe there are two sacraments ordained by Christ as signs and pledges of Godís love for humanity: Baptism and Communion.

Baptism is the initiation and incorporation into the Body of Christ (the church). An infant, child, or adult who is baptized becomes a member of the catholic (universal) church, of the United Methodist denomination, and of the local congregation.

The baptizing of a person is a sign of Godís saving grace. In a free act of outpouring love symbolized by baptism, Godís grace is bestowed upon us. As the "Body of Christ" in the world, baptism commissions us to use our gifts to strengthen the church and to transform the world. Pastors administer baptism by sprinkling or pouring water, or by full immersion.

In United Methodist practice, people of all ages can be baptized, but the church strongly advocates the baptism of infants within the faith community.

United Methodists practice "open communion," that is, all persons are welcome to participate in the meal. This practice underscores United Methodist teaching that it is Christ who hosts the meal and who invites us to participate. There is a longstanding oral tradition in Methodism that declares: "This table is open to all who love Jesus Christ, or would like to do so." At the same time, the invitation in the ritual for communion makes it clear that this is an act of acceptance of Christís grace and of living oneís life in loving and just relationship to him and to others.1

1 United Methodist Communications, United Methodism 101


                        We are the people of
                        The United Methodist Church
We believe in Ė
      making disciples of Jesus Christ for
      the transformation of the world.
We live by two kinds of holiness.
We follow three simple rules.
        Do no harm.
        Do good.
        Stay in love with God.
We work in four areas of focus.
        Developing leaders
        Creating places for new people
        Eliminating poverty
        Improving health globally


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