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The Yellow window
The Sun, rays (beams) (Shining down on field and flowers)
                  Creation symbol-Old Testament and New Testament Symbol of “SON”
                  (Sun) “Greater light to rule the day”.
                  Christ, whose glory fills the skies,
                  Christ, the true, the only light
                  Son of righteousness arise,
                  Triumph o’er the shades of night – Etc.
The Fig Tree – (branches) (reaching toward sun and sky)
                  Old Testament – trees bearing fruit (providing food, etc.)
                  New Testament – Jesus and the fig tree (parable / stories)
Wheat – (light of the sun descends – wheat rises up)
                  Old Testament – Incidents in many passages (Joseph’s dream)
                  New Testament – Jesus and the wheat field (Sabbath story)
                  Wheat as symbolic of bread (Communion, etc.)

                                        Flowers (in rays of sun, etc.)

                                                      Biblical phrase for wildflowers (daisies, etc.) is Old Testament
                                                      “lilies of the field”. Psalms 98:8, Isaiah 55:12.
                                                      Jesus referred to these as more splendid than Solomon in all his glory.

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